The Big Story

Storytelling is old. History can trace the mediums for stories from today’s virtual reality headsets and hi-def tvs, back to painting on cave walls, sitting around the campfire, and on back to the gradual development of language itself.  One can even argue that animals communicate stories to each other such as the presence of enemies

Time and Cheat Codes

As long as there have been video games, there have been cheat codes.  At first they were inserted by the programmers to test the games.  Later third parties added the codes. These codes can either make the game easier or harder to play.  Mostly easier.  Get unlimited lives!  Unlimited Ammo!  Unlimited money!  All the items! 

Consciousness and Evil

There is much ballyhoo in science and philosophy about consciousness.  We all know what it is but none of us, in spite of thousands of years of philosophizing and millions of dollars of science-ing can tell us what exactly the heck it is. There are those who say that the whole universe is consciousness.  Matter

Science and God

If you’re anything like me, your Facebook feed has been chock full of both religion and anti-religion posts.  I have a great many atheist friends and relatives who post smug articles from The Secular Humanist Free of Faith We are Smarter Than You Journal about how God is a mythical invisible monster and those who


I used to work here, for a summer back when I was in law school.  I was a “Park Aide,” which meant I dressed in a California State Parks uniform, walk around the park answering questions, watch for evil-doers, and man the ticket booth.  My favorite part, though, was dressing in period costume and taking